The Famous Covergirl Mascara

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

finally, i've got my covergirl lashblast volume mascara. yup, they are famous among beauty guru's and had many good comment about the mascara. wa beli kat sgdrugstore dengan harga RM30 tak silap. nasib ada readystock. if you all nak try boleh beli kat ryan sgdrugstore nanti.

 sebelah ada eyeliner, sebelah tak hehe

after try, wa dapat rasa my lashes lebih panjang daripada nampak tebal. and i think my maybelline magnum volume mascara works better for the volumize. ouh, i'm in love with  the brush. it catch all my lashes and works very nice with no clumpy. compared to revlon grow luscious, the brush is hardly to catch all the lashes. this is my opinion compared to my other two mascara.

for neutral lashes, i recommend revlon grow luscious :) what is your favourite mascara ?


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