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Saturday, October 15, 2011

haiii, today was a wonderful day with my sayang. he encourage me to drive, as im not a brave driver especially going to KL. what a shame. orang KL tak pernah drive pergi KL. ahahaha. for him, wa kuatkan hati. yes, berjaya. and i got myself Soap&Glory Flake Away :)) boleh ke macam tu. hahahah. at least, i got something yang boleh hilang kan stress. ahhhhh girls always like that kan. it cost only RM39. and the smell like soo nyummyy. and the scent still on my back hand until now. seriously, i want to get the entire range. ohh love love love. hahaha gila. cepat la habis bodyshop body scrub, nak rembat scrub soap&glory pula. since, whem im addicted to body scrub? heeeee cepat habis tauuu. nak rajin-rajin pakai.

i get my revlon, benefit and essence blusher last week. so, here's the picture. currently, im in love with my revlon colourstay foundation (warm golden). trust me, its stay on until 9 hours. ni ikut pengalaman wa lah, da pakai hampir seminggu. if pakai blusher, wa selalu pakai lepas apply foundation and before pressed powder. so, blusher tu pun akan stay juga. i will show my picture lepas balik dari klcc..

i had a great time with my sayang sebab dah lama tak jumpa macam ni. so, exited dia lain sikit. dah lama tak jejak KL, last jumpa pun kat KLCC jugak tapi before puasa. for lunch, wa teringin nak makan carbonara kat delicous. so, singgah kat duo resident before balik rumah. punyalah banyak dia pesan. sampai tak habis makan. tamak gila. plusss, he's on diet. hehehe (yeke?)

ohhh just forget about our fat face.. haha. just look at our plate. slurpppppp. tapi wa frust sikit sebab pavlova dia tak sedap. sedap lagi kawan wa buat. tersangat biskut pavlova dia hahah. not recommended. overall just okayy. this is my makeup bila da sampai rumah. still stay on my skin. ok dalam camera agak tak berapa nampak. but you can see, ada pink glow sikit on my cheeks and coral lips andddd eyeshadows too.



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