Silkygirl, Boleh Tahan!!

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10:47 PM
ni first time wa try eye shadow dari silkygirl. sebelum ni memang tak teringin nak cuba sebab ingat their eyeshadows are powdery. but, its not. tidak sama sekali and im shocked! now, im falling in love with the pallete. serius cantik warna dia. not too shimmer and to matte. just nice for daily use.

but sadly, masa wa beli bukan masa sale. so, harga dalam RM22-RM23. their green shades also nice. huhu. wa baru try pakai hari ni, and i love it more than my maybelline natural smokes quad. this is highly recommended. i dont why im didnt notice this pallete earlier haha. keep it up silkygirl! im also wearing their sugar perfume. love the scent. sweet!

im wearing silkygirl eyeshadow, giddy gold elf blusher (love the glow! it might be a lil bit powdery but i think it never let me down. very nice glow!) w/ light pink essence cosmetics blusher, topshop eyeliner, revlon glow mascara, and my favourite part, mellow mauve lip condition from elf (memang cantikkan, w/out lipstick)! notice tak bawah mata wa sebelah tu macam bengkak?! huhu tak tahu lah kenapa. tapi dah lama macam tu. ok lah girls, exited nak tunjuk my elf haul nanti :)
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