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Friday, April 8, 2011

jawapan ni di tulis oleh si dia semalam. kelakar pulak bila baca. overall ok, just ada jawapan yang die tak dapat jawab and wa pun tak ingat jawapan tu haha.


1. What is her full name? Nurul adhwa binti omar (betul)
2. Where did she lived? Bangi (betul)
3. How many members of her family? 3 (betul)
4. And she is number? 3 (betul)
5. Birth of Day ? 20011987 (betul)
6. Do you like her, they way she is? YES (thank you)
7. What do you wish her to be? Arkitek (hmm cita-cita ku)
8. Do you think she is beautiful? YES (thank you)
9. And what part do you think she is beautiful? Eyes (really? haha)

1. What is her favourite drinks when she met you? Tembikai or Air buah  (betul)
2. Waht is her favourite restaurant? Delicious (betul)
3. What is her favourite food of all? Cabonara (betul)
4. What is her favourite colour? Black (nope. i love pink)
5. If she spend her money? What kind of things she love to buy? Makeup  (betul)
6. Is she shoppaholic? Yes (betul)
7. What is her favourite song with you? I DONT KNOW (i suke bila u nyanyi kat i fantasia bulan madu hehe)
8. What kind of dress she like to wear? Simple dress (betul)
9. What is her last wishes? Soh belikan lipstik (betul)  

2. Where do you meet at first time? Times square kenny rogers (nope alamanda)
3. What she wores at that time? Selekeh nak mampus,tapi gua wat rilex je (haha. whatever! )
4. How do you know her? Sosial networking (betul)
5. What is your first impression about her? Bijak (mestilah betul haha)
6. When is your love declaration? 24 MAY(betul)
7. Did you think she is the one? Yes (me too hee )
8. Do you think she love you so? YES(betul) 
9. Your favourite location to meet up? anywhere
10. Your favourite restaurant? Starbucks
11. Your favourite activities when your dating? BORAK2 (betul)

1. Do you think, you want to marry her? YES
2. When? TAHUN DEPAN (really?? )
3. Do you want children with her? YES
4. How many girls/boys? 2 g 2 b tgk rezeki allah nak bg ape
5. What is your dream wedding? Atas kapal
6. What is your dream after wedding? Dok rumah goyang kaki kira duit

1. Last text message to her? A round 1215am
2. Last called her? Petang tadi
3. Last gift? Lama dah xigat (sedih la!)4. Last kiss? Haram kiss2
5. Last yell at her? X INGAt
6. Last fight with her? Dah lama xgaduh
7. Last time her cried 2 tahun lepas kot (salah!)
8. Last dating 2 weeks back (betul)9. Last you say that you love her Setiap hari (betul)

1. Dated someone twice? NO
2. Been cheated on her YES
3. Lost someone special? NO
4. Been depressed? NO
5. Been cried because of her? YES
6. Why?
7. Lie? YES
8. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? NO
9. Is there one person you want to be with right now? YES.

thank you dear :)

 on our 1st ann :)

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