Abu Chawal

Monday, October 15, 2012

i just got a kitten named Abu Chawal. why his name like that haha. it given from my dad. lawak kan. but its cute. abu because he is kelabu..grey like ash! yes ash is abu in malay. and Chawal because he is born 3rd day of raya :) the spelling 'cha'-wal instead of 'sya'-wal just to make it sounds cute. chaaawwaaalll shomelll. haha.

can you just spot chawal!!??? 

he loves to playing around. aktif gila cenonit ni!!! tak boleh duduk diam

his favourite place to hide. 

again, can you spot him? haha

with Millie (mom)

taken on Sunday. 

love you Abu Chawal!

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  1. Alala comelnya Abu Chawal! Hehe. Btw, thanks for following my blog! Followed you back! :)




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